Crypto Trading Where
Strategy Takes Center Stage.

In the fast-paced and often volatile cryptocurrency market, having a diverse functional strategy from the beginning is the
key to success, leading to improved liquidity and increased longevity of your crypto trading capacities.


With complex algorithmic models and superior strategies for
execution, we identify and leverage the best market opportunities
to accelerate competitive crypto trading activity.


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Bigger Than Yourself

When you’re challenged and inspired to be better than you were yesterday, the potential for
career growth and development is unlimited. WX Capital offers a motivational environment
where we encourage employees to succeed, provide autonomy for our team members, and
place value on a diverse workforce full of visionary thought leaders.


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WX Capital PTE. LTD. (registered company number 202120042C) and WX TRADING PTY LTD (ABN 38624673141, DCE100661271-001) are proprietary trading firms exclusively formed to increase liquidity amongst cryptocurrency and digital assets across all major exchanges.

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Trading Activity

With complex algorithmic models and superior strategies for execution, we identify and leverage the best market opportunities to accelerate competitive crypto trading activity. Unlike many other existing cryptocurrency trading firms, the team at WX Capital values a diverse strategic approach that favors a variety of components to drive valuable outcomes and increase liquidity of digital assets for our investors and clients.

Our advanced trading methods use advanced algorithm calculations which, when combined with the swift actions of our trading team, allow us the opportunity to leverage our knowledge of market conditions to trade large volumes while driving liquidity, fueling interest in novel tokens, and boosting investor confidence. Our extensive background in traditional financial markets, fiat currency, and digital assets, gives us the tools to drive crypto liquidity and deliver valuable insights to our clients, while covering a broad range of cryptocurrency assets.



Our practice of low-latency trading, combined with a presence across all global crypto markets and exchanges, gives us the data we need to anticipate and react to market inefficiencies to best maximise profitability and liquidity.

Active Trading

We have a wealth of trading knowledge in the highly volatile market of cryptocurrency, and we perform active trading of all major coins and altcoins, and all of their derivatives, on leading exchanges.


Algorithmic Trader - DeFi



We require applicants to meet the following hard skill requirements:

1. An in-depth quantitative understanding of blockchain technology, Ethereum, and protocols to follow in a decentralized crypto market. We will test each applicant’s knowledge during the interview process.
2. A deep understanding of smart contracts is required, 2-3 years working in development of smart contracts, DeFi projects, and protocols is preferred. However, if you are self-taught in this area and have invested time developing your own projects, we will take that into consideration.
3. Experience working in C++, Java, OOP, and C#.
4. Demonstrated skills in quantitative reasoning and analytical thought processes.
5. Prior trading knowledge and understanding of other chains is an advantage, but not required. An intense curiosity, willingness, and commitment to on-the-job learning of our business model is essential.

We also expect candidates to understand the following Blockchain fundamentals:

1. Consensus
2. Nodes
3. Miners
4. Forks
5. Transactions
6. Web3


Software Developer



We require applicants to meet the following hard skill requirements:

1. A minimum of 3 years of experience in Python 3 development, either within a professional environment, or in connection with academic projects or personal projects.
2. Proven experience in building, upgrading, and working within SQL-based databases.
3. Familiarity working with the Linux operating system, on both servers and desktops.
4. Knowledge of Git, or similar source versioning systems.
5. Background in middle office systems, including risk or reconciliation, is preferred, but not required.


Business Development Manager



We require applicants to meet the following hard skill requirements:

1. Sc/MSc in Business, Economics, or Finance preferred, any related degree will be considered.
2. Fluency in the English language is required, fluency in additional languages is a plus.
3. Proven success in growing your own customer base, with a minimum of 1-3 years dedicated experience. Must demonstrate historical capacity to significantly increase revenue, and achieve or exceed growth targets.
4. Experience in traditional finance products, such as trading products, OTC, and ETFs, or experience with products native to the crypto market (market making, OTC, etc).
5. Passion for learning the intricacies of the blockchain and crypto industry, along with some form of corporate or private experience.
6. Superior written and verbal communication skills are necessary to enhance and build relationships, not just to pitch, but to build client confidence and trust.
7. Excellent responsiveness, organizational skills, and precise client follow-up are essential to succeed within this role.
8. We encourage applicants that have demonstrated success in roles such as B2B sales, investment banking, consulting, and sales or wholesales trading, as there is definite skill crossover. Proven record of relevant measurable business results required.